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One8 Applied Learning Hub was created in 2017 to support One8 Foundation’s belief that an outstanding education should be available to all, regardless of zip code. One8 Applied Learning Hub is the implementation team within the One8 Foundation that supports schools in high-quality implementation of proven applied learning programs.

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The One8 Foundation propels and supports outstanding leaders with compelling ideas that deliver scaled, sustainable social impact. Education is one of the One8 Foundation’s strategic giving areas, with a focus on preparing students for a rapidly changing data-rich world through applied learning.

The One8 approach to creating classrooms of the future:

Identify and support best in class programs

One8 scours the nation for effective applied learning education programs that build the 21st century skills students need to succeed in a rapidly changing, data-rich world. We partner closely with the programs providing multi-year financial, strategic, and analytical support to their leadership teams. Learn about the programs we support here.

Provide grants to schools to expand access

One8 provides grants to Massachusetts schools ready to implement with quality and equity. Learn more about grants here.

Support schools through One8 Applied Learning Hub

One8 Applied Learning Hub provides professional development, educator learning communities, student competitions and showcase events where students receive authentic feedback from industry professional volunteers making the educational experience dramatically more relevant and engaging. Learn more about how One8 Applied Learning Hub supports educators and students here.

Learn more about how One8 Applied Learning Hub supports the mission of One8 Foundation

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