Applied Learning Grants

The One8 Foundation is committed to supporting schools to adopt proven Applied Learning programs that inspire students with innovative and engaging programs focused on core and elective K-12 subjects. We partner with 630 schools in MA and look forward to building new partnerships across the state.

The One8 Applied Learning Hub (formerly named Mass STEM Hub) is on deck to support you as you implement these programs.

Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) provides the nation’s leading K-12 engineering, computer science and biomedical science courses using an activity-project-problem based approach so all learning leads to students using knowledge and skills to solve real world problems. Learn more about PLTW here.

The deadline to submit a One8 PLTW grant application for SY24-25 has passed.  Please reach out to with any questions.

Start or expand your school’s PLTW program with grants from the One8 Foundation. To provide further on-the-ground support to the PLTW community in Massachusetts, we’re excited to partner with the Mass Learning Project. Grants offset costs of teacher training, durable equipment, and technology.

Qualifications: Open to all public schools (K-12) in Massachusetts, with competitive preference for schools:

  • with significant number of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • applying for Biomedical Science and/or Computer Science
  • in districts building out multi-school pathways (e.g., 6-12 or K-12)

ST Math

ST Math offers an engaging, highly effective visual, conceptual math program based on the neuroscience of how the brain learns. This supplemental program is aligned to K-5 standards and delivers results for ALL students. ST Math has a proven track record of building conceptual math understanding, a love of math and confidence in math ability at early ages. Learn more about ST Math here.

The deadline to submit a grant application for SY24-25 has passed.  Please reach out to with any questions.

Schools awarded a grant become members of the ST Math Massachusetts Program. Members receive funding to offset program adoption costs, teacher professional learning, and additional community programming. Over 245 schools across the state currently participate in the Massachusetts One8 ST Math Cohort.


Open SciEd (OSE) is an NGSS aligned core science curriculum for grades 6-8 using phenomenon-based instruction. With a focus on equitable sensemaking, students drive the learning in OSE classrooms. Learn more about OpenSciEd here.

The deadline to submit a One8 OSE Grant Application for a SY24-25 adoption has passed.  Please reach out to with any questions.

One8 is excited to offer a middle school OSE adoption grant. Schools awarded a grant become members of the OpenSciEd Massachusetts Program. Members receive funding to offset training and durable equipment costs, implementation support, priority access to in-state OSE professional learning, and additional resources & student programming.


  • Open to public middle schools (grades 6-8) in Massachusetts
  • Schools must be in districts with at least 15% of students designated as economically disadvantaged
  • A three-year implementation plan that leads to whole school participation and full OSE curriculum adoption
  • Competitive preference for teams that demonstrate knowledge of and commitment to OSE’s instructional approach

Cohort 1 (SY21-22 adoption) Grants for Summer 2024

Schools in cohort 1 interested in grants to fund teacher turnover Unit PD or Facilitator Training in Summer 2024 can find additional information here:

  • Grant application here
  • PDF of grant application here
  • Registration for a webinar on Friday 3/15 here

Ignite Reading

The deadline to submit a grant application for the SY24-25 school year has passed.  Please reach out to Caleb Hurst-Hiller ( with any questions.

Districts/LEAs awarded grants to support Ignite Reading will receive full funding to support up to 300 1st grade tutoring seats during the 2024-25 school year. Grant awards will be based on the number of eligible 1st graders (students with verified foundational skill gaps) with the expectation that all students will be available for daily 15-minute tutoring sessions during school hours

Learn more about Ignite Reading here.

Investigating History

The deadline to submit a grant application for SY24-25 has passed.  Please reach out to with any questions.

We are excited for the opportunity to start expanding our applied learning focus to the humanities, allowing us to support a wider range of teachers as they bring engaging learning experiences to their students. The new Investigating History (IH) grant opportunity, brought to you by DESE through a partnership with the One8 Foundation is specifically designed for schools and districts who have already received funding and/or have begun IH implementation with a certified professional learning provider this year.

Investigating History is an openly available, comprehensive set of history/social studies curricular materials for Grades 5 through 7. Investigating History is fully aligned to the 2018 Massachusetts History/Social Science Framework , and is anchored in four instructional principles:

  • historical inquiry and investigation;
  • historical empathy and human connections;
  • civic engagement and current world relevance;
  • culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogy.

School grants will provide in-person professional learning workshops for all teachers, funding for teacher resources/materials, as well as the potential for additional coaching/PD funds.

Democratic Knowledge Project

The deadline to submit a grant application for SY24-25 has passed.  Please reach out to with any questions.

The Democratic Knowledge Project‘s Civic Engagement in Our Democracy is a project-based, open-source, year-long grade 8 civics curriculum aligned to the MA History and Social Science Framework. DKP Launch aims to bring the curriculum to 8th graders across Massachusetts.

Application Timeline and Important Dates

  • February 1: Grant application opens
  • February 28 at 9:30 AM: Grant info session #1
  • February 29 at 3:30 PM: Grant info session #2
  • March 15: Grant application due
  • March 26-28: School interviews
  • April 9: Award notification
  • April 24: Cohort kickoff Convening in Worcester


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