Professional Development

2022-05-17 ST Math Champion Hour- May

The registration deadline for this event has passed.

Join us next Tuesday (5/17) at the Champion Hour to hear from other champs and the ST Math team about two ways to engage students and families in math this summer.  We have heard you on devices so have developed non-ST Math programming and a fully UNPLUGGED (no device, no internet required) 10-week offering as well!

Why are we talking about summer?

ST Math can make a positive impact for students and continued use in the summer can unlock continued learning opportunities for students. With just an hour of play each week over the summer, students can potentially add 715 puzzles (or 15-20% progress on their grade level journeys)! What a great way for students to enter the next school year more  as more prepared & confident mathematicians!

The TWO plans for getting students (and families) talking about math this summer!

  • Student home play (ST Math): As a MA school you and your students have FULL (free) access to ST Math over the summer.  Keep them playing! Students can pick up an additional 10-20% progress on their grade level journey which will help unlock those powerful skill and confidence gains!
  • Summer of Math (ST Math AND non-ST Math activities): Based on ideas from our champion community, we have created a 10-week family facing Summer of Math program.  Families sign up directly with ST Math and then receive a weekly email with a math activity (e.g., story book, board game, math walk) to get students and their families talking about and doing math! We also have a fully unplugged version that only requires a deck of cards!

We hope to see you on 5/17!