Online Industry Challenge

STEM Professional – Virtual Classroom Visitor

The registration deadline for this event has passed.

Spend ~30 minutes engaging with students across the Commonwealth, sharing excitement about your career to help bring their classwork to life and inspire them to see themselves as future STEM professionals!

You’ll be matched with a middle or high school STEM teacher and help them kick-off the new year in a powerful way through a virtual classroom visit, where you’ll share insights about your career path and what makes your profession so interesting.


  1. December 18

    Registration deadline

  2. early January

    Professional - Teacher matching

    You'll receive an email introduction to a middle or high school teacher whose students are eager to learn more about your work. Together you'll set a time and date for a ~30 minute virtual classroom visit.
  3. January - February

    Virtual classroom visit

    Have fun connecting with students and sharing what makes your profession so fun and fulfilling!