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Medway Public Schools Receives 100% Project Lead The Way School District Distinction

Click here to read a press release from Medway Public Schools about their implementation of Project Lead The Way across the district, which was recognized with a 100% Access Award at our recent fall conference!


MEDWAY — Superintendent Armand Pires is pleased to announce that Medway Public Schools has been recognized as a 100% Project Lead The Way (PLTW) School District.

The designation was announced at the Mass STEM Hub Fall Conference held virtually last week.

Medway Public Schools achieved this recognition through utilizing and providing PLTW courses for all elementary, middle and high school grade spans.

The elementary school program, Launch, provides students K-5 with an introduction to science, engineering and biomedical science through hands-on experiences. The middle school program, Gateway, introduces students to the computer sciences while also providing classes in science, engineering and biomedical science. The high school program allows students to choose courses in both engineering and biomedical science pathways to further their knowledge prior to transitioning to college.

“We are very proud to have received a 100% Project Lead The Way distinction from the Mass STEM Hub,” Superintendent Pires said. “It is further proof of Medway Public Schools’ dedication to expanding STEM education by offering courses to students in each grade span. We could not have achieved this distinction without our STEM teachers within the district who have done an excellent job teaching our Project Lead The Way classes.”

Additionally, students in the district’s App Creators, Intro to Engineering Design and Problems in Biomedical Science classes have won various awards this past year for their engineering work.

Sixth-graders Jocelyn Bartha and Kyla Booth were the winners of the Mass STEM Hub Germ Fighters Online Industry Challenge while in the Gateway App Creators course where they produced the code for the Germ Fighters app. High school students Ian Khoo and Nora Sullivan, as part of the Intro to Engineering Design course, won the statewide Innovation award for their reverse engineered Otterbox iPhone 7 case.

About Project Lead The Way

Project Lead The Way (PLTW) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing students PreK-12 across the United States with courses in computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. The main focus of PLTW is to provide an engaging classroom where students can develop and apply transportable skills by exploring real-world challenges.

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