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Middle School | AR | Activity: Pull Toy | Top Gateway Engineering Project

Middle School | AR | Activity: Pull Toy | Top Gateway Engineering Project

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Grade: Middle School

PLTW Course: Automation and Robotics

Submission type: Activity: Pull Toy

Project overview:  In Automation and Robotics students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics as they learn about mechanical systems, machine automation, and computer control systems. With their knowledge of mechanical systems , students use the design process to design and build a pull toy that meets the following criteria:

  • Built entirely from VEX parts
  • Built on a small four wheel chassis capable of being pulled across a smooth and level surface where the toy will move as a result of the movement of the wheels
  • Contains a  gear mechanism attached to the wheels will make another part of the pull toy move
  • An illustration is added to the output of the mechanism so as to simulate a toy

Selected student submission materials:  

Link to full project: click here

Select Judge Feedback: “I am a civil engineer that works with MassDOT.  My background is in the design and construction of roadways and bridges in southeastern Massachusetts.  I was given the great opportunity to review your STEM project and provide some feedback.

I really enjoyed the level of effort that you put into this project.  I like how you included a rubric assessing your design process, a video of your very creative prototype, and a good description of your design process including some of the issues you overcame.   

I would have liked to see some additional annotations and titles on your preliminary sketches, a quote for your prototype, and some information about the research for your project. 

At times throughout my career, I have put together presentations to highlight designs or provide training opportunities, which is very similar to what you have done here.  I wish you all the best of luck, I think you all did a great job, and I hope you continue in the STEM profession as there will be great opportunities for new talents like yours in the future!”

-Civil Engineer, MassDOT

Industry Award: Top Gateway Engineering Project

School: Groton-Dunstable Regional Middle School

Teacher: Dorothy Dwyer

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