• Applied learning: PBLWorks trains teachers, school leaders, and district leaders to design and deliver high quality project based learning that is hands-on, relevant and compelling. Teachers develop and utilize high quality projects that make learning meaningful and relevant for students. Students learn by actively engaging in real-world, interesting projects.

  • Effective teacher training: Powerful, relevant professional training that allows teachers to experience project based learning and develop their own projects.

  • Effective leader training: Helps leaders create the conditions for and supports the shift to project based learning in their schools.

  • Gold-standard PBL: Project based learning with PBLWorks is not a buzzword. With effective training and educator tools, PBLWorks enables applied learning in the classroom. PBLWorks’ seven essential project design elements ensure a meaningful, engaging student learning experience.

  • Backed by research: PBLWorks, formerly Buck Institute for Education, has over twenty years of experience developing project based learning, researching its effectiveness, and has trained over 60,000+ educators. See the research.

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