Project Lead The Way In-School Showcases

Run a Showcase for all of your Project Lead The Way students- right at your school!

Mass STEM Hub’s “Event-in-a-Box” provides you with the resources and tools to bring the Showcase experience and benefits to more of your students.

At the showcases, students present their work, receive feedback recognition of high-quality work. Watch videos of some of our past showcases by clicking the button below.

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Why are Showcases important?

  • Public displays of work motivate students to up-level their work, allow students to practice communication and presentation skills, and give students something to be proud of.
  • Feedback from a broader audience — teachers from another department, students from a higher-grade level, parents who work in relevant industries, or local industry professionals – validate and recognize the hard of students and give them ideas make future projects better.
  • Acknowledgement of high-quality work motivates students to work hard to produce high quality work, and builds confidence.

Why run a Showcase at your school?

  • Involve all of your students
  • Elevate the work of your students in your community — in and out of school
  • Recognize student work by selecting groups to represent your school at the statewide showcases at Peabody Essex Museum and with Boston Children’s Hospital

What’s in the Event-in-a-Box?

  • Planning suggestions
  • Checklist to make planning easy and organized
  • Real-life examples from fellow PLTW teachers

Questions about running a Showcase at your school?

Get in touch!