PLTW MA Community - APB & Skill Map Annotations

Wanted to give your feedback on how you’re using APBs in your classroom but missed the November challenge? Give us your feedback here so we can continue to improve these resources as a community.

Step 1: Find your APB

Grab a paper or digital copy of your course/unit APB from Fall Conference 2023 to annotate.  Need a fresh copy?  Head to our Community Hub!

Step 2: Mark it up

  • On each box with pacing guidance, tell us how many hours you actually spent this year by simply writing the number of hours per APB.
  • Draw a STAR to show us where you could use the most support from this community
  • Draw a BOX around the activity you currently are teaching in the curriculum today

Step 3: Share

Submit your annotated APB(s) below:

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Check back for a gallery on how your fellow PLTW MA Community Educators are using these maps and pacing their classes this fall.