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Welcome to the ST Math MA Community

Access information and resources to support your ST Math implementation & grant from the One8 Foundation

Congratulations! We are excited to be kicking off our fourth grant cohort of the ST Math Massachusetts program. Your school’s participation in and leadership of this three-year grant will make impactful change for your students and others across the state.

2021 Grant Convening

Prepping for your implementation meeting!

  • By May 15th set a date with your ESM for your Implementation Meeting (scheduling link emailed to champions day of convening)
  • Review your implementation doc (emailed to you by an ESM)
    • Pay particular attention to the sections highlighted in yellow on the meeting planner
    • Revisit the SY21/22 ST Math school schedule submitted as part of grant application
    • Check out your students quiz delta report
  • Come prepared to ask questions, learn and prepare for next school year

    Grant overview

    The Massachusetts ST Math Cohort Program provides schools with focused professional learning and additional on-the-ground supports to amplify their ST Math programming for students

    As a member of the cohort, schools are provided:

    • Focused professional learning
    • Ongoing, personalized support from a dedicated ST Math Education Success Manager (ESM)
    • Additional educator networking and professional learning opportunities
    • Priority access to ST Math at a reduced rate

    As a member of the cohort, schools commit to robust ST Math implementation aligned to best practices, including:

    • Full participation: 100% students by year 3
    • Sustained use: a minimum of 60 min/week for K-1 and 90 min/week for grades 2-6
    • Educator professional learning: Focused trainings & job-embedded support for all relevant elementary grade teachers

    Meet the Massachusetts ST Math team

    Materials & Resources

    Meeting the moment with ST Math

    Check out this brief overview of ST Math and how it is uniquely positioned to engage students and educators at this moment.  With its visual approach and focus on conceptual understanding, ST Math is a powerful instructional tool that helps all learners.


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