PLTW Coaching FAQs

Interested in signing up for Coaching with a PLTW Master Teacher, but have some questions? Check out the frequently asked questions below.

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  • What can PLTW Coaching help me with?

    Your Coach can help you tackle instructional challenges and help you improve your teaching practice for your PLTW course(s). From implementing in a hybrid or distance learning model to deepening student engagement, your Coach will bring valuable experience and input to your sessions.

  • Which PLTW courses can I receive Coaching for?

    • Launch:
      • Launch Classroom
      • Launch Lead
    • Gateway:
      • App Creators
      • Automation and Robotics
      • Computer Science for Innovators and Makers
      • Design and Modeling
      • Medical Detectives
    • Biomedical Science:
      • Biomedical Innovation
      • Human Body Systems
      • Medical Interventions
      • Principles of Biomedical Science
    • Computer Science:
      • Computer Science A
      • Computer Science Essentials
      • Computer Science Principles
      • Cybersecurity
    • Engineering:
      • Civil Engineering and Architecture
      • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
      • Computer Science Principles
      • Engineering Design and Development
      • Introduction to Engineering Design
      • Principles of Engineering
  • Who will be my PLTW Coach?

    Your Coach will be a PLTW Master Teacher who teaches the same course(s) you do. They have a wealth of experience and expertise that they are eager to share!

  • How should I prepare for my first PLTW Coaching conversation?

    Think about your teaching practice. What about your instruction would you like support with? What do you want to get out of the session? Ahead of time, determine a focus area to work on with your coach, or (if/when appropriate) a specific lesson plan or unit.

  • How often can I meet with a PLTW Coach?

    All PLTW teachers are invited to two one-on-one Coaching sessions. You and your Coach can decide the timing and format of your sessions based on your needs. But if you are looking for ongoing support, also take advantage of your Massachusetts PLTW community by signing up for Learning Teams, groups of educators across Massachusetts who are also teaching your PLTW course and meet on a regular cadence.

  • How can I decide if PLTW Coaching or a Learning Team is right for me?

    Coaches are here to answer any questions you have about improving teaching and learning in your PLTW course(s). Learning Teams work together to co-plan, co-create, and share course-specific resources. Both are designed to help you work smarter (not harder) by leveraging the PLTW and Mass STEM Hub communities, and we suggest taking advantage of both!

  • Can I do both Learning Teams and PLTW Coaching at the same time?

    Absolutely! You can sign up for Learning Teams here and PLTW Coaching here.

  • I have other questions or would like to chat with someone at Mass STEM Hub.

    We’re here to help. Send us a note at