Democratic Knowledge Project

  • Gold-standard PBL

    Centers student voice and agency, preparing students to engage in civic life and develop their own civic identity. Students practice sustained inquiry around challenging questions, taking on roles like petitioner, lawyer, and political scientist to deepen learning

  • Standards-aligned

    Civic Engagement in Our Democracy  covers all 7 topics of the Massachusetts grade 8 standards as well as the student-led civics project requirement, focusing on both knowledge and skills acquisition to create a comprehensive learning experience.

  • Co-designed with educators

    In partnership with civics teachers around Massachusetts, the DKP designed Civic Engagement in Our Democracy over several years of careful evaluation and piloted implementation.

Unlike a history class where memorization is kind of the goal, in some ways, this is much more about the dispositions that are gonna make them an active member of our society in the future, and that the focus on identities and values at the beginning of the year really help us to get there.

DKP Pilot Teacher

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