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App Creators: ‘Germ Fighter’ Game Design

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  2. April 29

    Project submission deadline

  3. May 15

    Feedback provided and winners announced

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In the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) App Creators unit, middle school students learn about the positive impact of applying computer science to problems found in society. In particular they learn how to use MIT App Inventor and focus on analyzing and developing solutions to authentic problems through app development. They apply their learning and use pair programing to develop a computer game, GermFighter, that has some of the most common features in gaming: a hero, a villain, a timer, and a score. Using sprites and animation they make the hero and villain move about the screen, and with variables track the time left and the score.

Spend a few hours reviewing projects online and sharing written feedback with students, all through our online portal.


  1. April 29

    Student projects submitted

  2. May 5-12

    Industry expert judging period

  3. May 18

    Students receive feedback and winners announced