Online Industry Challenge

CSIM: Blinking Sign

Submit your Project Lead The Way Blinking Sign project to receive expert feedback from industry professionals, including traffic engineers and software developers – and the chance to win cool prizes.


  • Short description of the sign’s goal – who is the target audience and what should they learn from the sign?
  • Engineering notebook picture of the LED planning grid with the sign’s messaged sketched out
  • Engineering notebook picture of the message flowchart of the sign’s behavior
  • The web address of the shared and published project from the Microsoft MakeCode programming environment


  1. Ongoing now

    Submit projects!

  2. April 29

    Project submission deadline

  3. May 15

    Feedback provided and winners announced

The sign-up deadline for this event has passed.

In the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Computer Science for Innovators and Makers unit, middle school students learn about programming both hardware and software, and how to combine them to create interactive systems. After learning to program a micro:bit, students apply that knowledge to create an LED blinking sign to share a message of their choosing.

Spend a few hours reviewing projects online and sharing written feedback with students, all through our online portal.


  1. April 29

    Student projects submitted

  2. May 5-12

    Industry expert judging period

  3. May 18

    Students receive feedback and winners announced