Industry- Applied Learning Student Showcase

The registration deadline for this event has passed.

Join us to support and inspire the next generation of professionals

  • Connect students’ learning with the problems you solve every day.
  • Give students feedback on their Applied Learning projects.
  • Increase motivation, persistence, and achievement for ALL students.

Students from across Massachusetts (grades 5-12) will gather to share their STEM and Applied Learning projects with industry professionals like you. Here’s what you can expect from the experience:

  • The day will kick off with a short briefing and grab-and-go breakfast so you can meet your fellow judges and be ready to confidently engage with students.
  • You’ll interact with teams of students as they share their projects, offer suggestions, and share more about your own career.
  • The Showcase will close with a celebration of winning teams, and of everyone’s achievements!


Event FAQs

What types of professionals are you looking for? All are welcome! We want to expand students’ horizons and help them discover the diverse ways they can apply what they’re learning in school. Many projects will have a STEM focus, so volunteers whose career has a STEM component or who work in a STEM industry are especially needed.

What projects will I see at the Showcase? Students will bring projects representing a variety of disciplines, many with a STEM focus including apps, engineering designs, biomedical experiments, and much more. They’ll range in sophistication from middle school core science to senior capstone projects in engineering or biomedical innovation.

Will you provide training to volunteers? Yes! Volunteers at the Showcase will receive an orientation (with breakfast!) at the start of the day. We will give you context for student projects, model interactions, and give you sentence starters to make sure you’re confident and excited to connect with students.

What is the deadline to sign up? The deadline to register for the Showcase is April 26th

Can I share this opportunity with my friends and colleagues? Yes! Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone who would be interested.

What is Applied Learning? Applied learning is a research-backed educational approach that’s proven to work for ALL students. In an applied learning classroom, students actively drive the learning. They use content knowledge, critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork, grappling with meaningful problems and creating solutions they understand.

What is the One8 Applied Learning Hub? The One8 Foundation is committed to identifying and funding proven Applied Learning programs that inspire students with innovative, engaging ways to approach core and elective subject matter. At the One8 Applied Learning Hub, we’re here to help Massachusetts schools get the most out of those programs by providing implementation support, educator community building, programming support, and student opportunities that help bring their learning to life. We currently partner with over 600 schools and look forward to building new partnerships across the Commonwealth.