Online Industry Challenge

Principles of Engineering: Control Systems (aka Marble Sorter)

Submit your Project Lead The Way Recycling (Marble) Sorter  project from your PLTW Principles of Engineering class to receive expert feedback from industry professionals, engineers, software developers and scientists Рand the chance to win cool prizes.


Project Portfolio, including:

  • Decision matrix, evaluating four solution ideas
  • Final design solution, with a detailed sketch or 3D modeled design and rationale for selection of that idea
  • Final design system, with pictures of the built system, written program to drive the system, flowchart, and any other relevant materials

(Optional) video of functioning sorting system


  1. Ongoing now

    Submit your project!

  2. April 29

    Project submission deadline

  3. May 22

    Feedback provided and winners announced

The sign-up deadline for this event has passed.

In the Project Lead The Way (PLTW) Principles of Engineering class high school students study mechanisms, strength of structure and materials, and automation. In this challenge, students apply what they’ve learned to design, build and program an automated recycling sorter with an optical sensor.

Spend a few hours reviewing projects online and sharing written feedback with students, all through our online portal.


  1. April 29

    Student projects submitted

  2. May 5-13

    Industry expert judging period

  3. May 22

    Students receive feedback and winners announced