Luke Steele speeds along a straightaway in a Formula 1 race car at the Seabring International Raceway in Port Richey, Florida. An article about Luke in the Sandwich Enterprise spurred a request to have a representative from F1 pay a virtual visit to the STEM Academy.

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STEM Students Visited Virtually By Formula 1 Data Engineer

Mass STEM Hub volunteer and Formula  1 Red Bull Racing data engineer Jessica Allan virtually visited Sandwich students. Read the article in the Sandwich Enterprise.

STEM Students Visited Virtually By Formula 1 Data Engineer

By KATIE GOERS Jan 29, 2021

Students at the STEM Academy were virtually visited recently by a member of the Formula 1 Red Bull Racing Team.

The goal of the visit was to give the students a look at how a STEM-based education is applied to the world of auto racing.

Beth Donahue, 8th grade technology integration teacher, said she was driven to request the Formula 1 representative after reading about her student, Luke Steele, and his involvement in the sport.

“I knew that Luke was a Formula 1 fan, but the article [in the Sandwich Enterprise] provided more oomph to my case,” she said.

The district partners with Mass STEM Hub to provide interactive experiences for students. Ms. Donahue sent the hub Luke’s article to request someone from Formula 1.

The request actualized in the form of Jessica Allan, data engineer, joining the class from England last Friday, January 22. Ms. Donahue said Ginger Lavelle’s 7th grade technology class also joined in the video call with Ms. Allan.

Data engineers for Formula 1 are tasked with designing and building data analysis platforms that help drivers and crew make better decisions at the race track.

“Jess was amazing about sharing information about what goes on behind the scenes before and during races, as well as how she landed her dream job,” Ms. Donahue said.

Andreina Parisi-Amon, the Mass STEM Hub representative who works with the district, said she works to connect classrooms with people who work in STEM fields to show students what is possible in their futures.

“My goal is to help support the work being done in the classroom through meaningful, real world experiences that help students see that what they’re learning is applicable beyond the assignment they’re submitting for a grade,” she said.

Ms. Donahue said the ability to make connections like the one to Ms. Allan have been powerful and valuable for her students.

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