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PLTW Research Study

We are working with John Papay of Brown University on a study of our PLTW work in Massachusetts.  The first-year results were inspiring and a testament to the hard work students and educators are doing across the Commonwealth.  We believe it is an important part of the work in Massachusetts as it will help us collectively to understand program impact and ways to better support and improve schools with PLTW programs throughout the state. There two critical ways schools can contribute to the study.

Step 1: Rostering your students

Step 2: Completing students & staff surveys

Step 1: Roster your students

Why rostering is important

  • Ensures students can access PLTW curriculum & End-of-Course assessments
  • Enables PLTW to continue partnerships with college & universities that provide college credit & scholarships
  • Provides schools access to Mass STEM Hub programming
  • Note: rostering is also a grant requirement

Tips for successful rostering

  • Roster all students at the beginning of the year, if possible with all classes rostered separately. For example: If you will teach 3 sections of Design and Modeling each semester, you should roster 6 classes with beginning/end dates.
  • End dates for PLTW courses are very important – we use them to plan programming for students & teachers — and to time the survey invites.
  • Accuracy matters: students must be rostered for correct courses, matched to the correct teacher, and have accurate info (e.g., name)

Step 2: Complete your student & teacher surveys

Survey details

  • Administered by Abt Associates
  • Teachers receive survey links & detailed instructions directly from Abt Associates
  • Students in grades 6-12 complete one survey even if they participate in multiple PLTW classes through the year
  • Surveys are intended to take 15-20 minutes for students and no more than 30 minutes for teachers.
  • Note: Survey participation is a grant requirement; all schools are invited to participate (and can sign up here)