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Thank you so much for submitting your students’ work for industry feedback through Mass STEM Hub’s Student Industry Connects! Please use the fields below to provide info on your eligible classes so we can best match you with industry professional(s) to visit.

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Virtual Classroom Visitor Opportunity

There are two ways to participate.1. VIRTUAL VISIT THIS SPRING. Industry professionals will follow up students’ experience getting industry feedback with a virtual classroom visit this May. We will try to match you with one industry professional who can visit all eligible classes (meaning, classes who submitted their work for feedback) or multiple industry professionals, as needed.2. FOLLOW UP VISITS WITH THE SAME INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL(S) WHO DID A VISIT WITH YOUR CLASSES THIS FALL. If your students participated in Student Industry Connects this Fall, you may have been matched with industry professionals who were interested in visiting virtually at multiple times throughout the year. Let us know if you would like us to re-connect you with the industry professionals who visited your classrooms this Fall.
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We'll aim to match with a professional that can accommodate visits to all your eligible classes, or multiple professionals. Note: classes who did not submit work are not eligible to participate.
Please let us know if there are any special considerations you would like us to take into account as we connect you with an industry volunteer. For example, is there a professional background that would be particularly interesting to your students?