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Grade: High School

PLTW Course: EDD (Engineering Design and Development)

Submission type: Capstone Problem Statement

Project overview: In the capstone engineering course, high school students are tasked with selecting their own problem to solve and developing a novel solution to tackle that problem. Key to their success is first effectively understanding and stating the problem to be solved, then investigating previous solutions to guide their development. Here students have submitted their initial work in researching and creating a problem statement.

Student submission: 

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Select judge feedback: 

“Hi! I’m a structural engineer with WJE in Boston, where I work to inspect, analyze, and design repairs or alterations to existing buildings. I think this is an awesome project statement. The concept and research is fantastic. One thing that could help in the future is identifying design criteria- qualities you want to include in your final solution. This can help guide your design process. Regardless, this is a very well done problem statement and you’re on a great path!”

“Hi, I’m a bridge engineer from STV Incorporated. The problem statement was well explained and supported by referenced data. Given the small sample size, it is nice to see that the survey responses returned a relatively close percentage for those who had issues with glasses while laying down. Reasoning for the survey questions selected wasn’t provided, but seem to be questions that made sense given the topic being investigated. This may seem like a small issue to some, but it clearly effects many people and isn’t easily solved. Hopefully unsolved problems like this encourage you to pursue a career in a STEM related field.”


Award: User Experience Award (2020-21)

School: O’Bryant

Teacher: Leonardo Gomez

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