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Grade: High School

PLTW Course: Human Body Systems

Submission type: Activity: Biometrics

Project overview:  In this PLTW course students examine the interactions between various human body systems and apply what they know to solve real-world medical cases, such as determining the identity of a skeleton using both forensic anthropology and DNA analysis.  

In this biometrics activity students designed a security plan using biometric technology in order to enhance the safety and security of people, information, and data. Students were tasked with meeting the needs of a client and thinking about how the addition of these new measures would affect those who work in or visit their clients’ site. Students had to be mindful that their biometrics proposal would not slow business or production by the addition of unnecessary measures, and that the system they designed was user-friendly and built with cost in mind.

Selected student submission materials:  

Link to full project: click here

Select Judge Feedback: “Hi, thank you for submitting this project! The aesthetic of the presentation was very well done, and the titles and flow of the project felt very natural. In addition, the detail on not on the science behind each biometric but the scientific and social advantages and disadvantages was impressive! It was well thought through and gave the audience relevant and necessary information on your technology. Addressing the privacy issues related to biometric scanning showed limitations not only in your technology but also application. 

One thing to consider in the future is to give urgency to the problem your solving; for example using a statistic about babies switched or lost in hospitals to explain why your technology is helpful (although it is a part of your success story, it could do with more detail).”

-Analytical Operations Associate, Seres Therapeutics

I am a Manufacturing Engineer that works for Medtronic where I work with manufacturing and sustaining Medical Devices that are used for Brain Surgery.

The Double Wall name and its description of project is very well thought off. I want to applaud you on the level of detailed information you have for the presentation. All the slides have a lot of specific information on advantages, disadvantages, how to beat the system and the success story. You also talk about privacy issues from the end user concern which is amazing to see.

The only recommendations I would have is the slides maybe can have limited bullet points which show your data off better. The long paragraphs on each page makes it very long and monotonous and you want to always have the attention of your audience when you are presenting. Bullet points and statistics help you achieve that.

The problem of parents being separated from their children is very real and more than hundreds of families are affected by it every year. This is a great project with a great flow of ideas and plans being put into motion. You are already using Technology to help improve so many lives; Keep up the great work! Thank you!

-Manufacturing Engineer, Medtronic

Industry Award: Top Biomedical Science Project

School: Middleborough High School

Teacher: Stephanie Cobb

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