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How Union Hill School is Empowering Problem Solvers in Massachusetts

Check out this blog post by our partner ST Math about their program’s implementation and opportunities in Massachusetts!

by Calli Wright

How do you create a culture of perseverance and problem solving in schools? A culture powerful enough to support future STEM careers?

In a 2015 evaluation of Massachusetts schools, only 54% of 4th-graders and 51% of 8th-graders tested at or above a proficient level in math. In the next ten years, STEM jobs in Massachusetts will grow more than twice the rate as non-STEM jobs. How can we ensure that today’s students are mathematically equipped to meet the demands of the future workforce? Let’s explore a few things happening in Massachusetts that can have a big impact.

ST Math at Union Hill School

“What ST Math has already done for our students has changed their entire mindset on what math is and how they can problem solve through math,” said Mary Beth Juneau, the math coach at Union Hill School.

Faculty and students at Union Hill School in Worcester, MA talk about the impact ST Math has had in creating a culture of perseverance and problem solving. Watch the video to hear more:

Union Hill students and educators share their love of ST Math, and it’s apparent how that engagement has translated to an overall improved relationship with math in general.

If you’re doing it in ST Math, you kind of understand why you can do it in class. And I think it’s really fun to solve the problems and figure out what makes JiJi walk across the screen.

-Rebecca M., sixth grade, Union Hill School

Union Hill was able to bring the ST Math program to their school thanks to the One8 Foundation and its program Mass STEM Hub. Thank you to our partners!

Apply for the ST Math Massachusetts Program

Generously funded by the One8 Foundation, the ST Math Massachusetts Program offers competitive grants for K-6 schools. We will be seeking applicants from October 7, 2020 – February 12, 2021 for the 2021-22 school year.

Bookmark the ST Math Massachusetts page to apply. We look forward to reading your application!

Supporting STEM in Massachusetts

In the meantime, there’s more ways to support STEM education for Massachusetts students. In addition to other free STEM resources available on our site, you can check out the STEM Week Challenge, brought to you by the New England Aquarium, Mass STEM Hub, One8 Foundation and MIND Research Institute, creators of ST Math!

The STEM Week Challenge for grades K-5 asks elementary school students to help promote math learning and connect with families virtually. The entire project is built around games and stories with historical significance and is designed to develop students’ creative problem-solving capacity as they create their own math game – one that drives math knowledge and meaningful connections. Learn more about the project, the games, and the stories here.

Calli Wright is the Marketing Manager at MIND Research Institute. She loves playing and designing board games, which she often talks about on twitter @CalliWrights.

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