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Middle School | Gateway CSIM | Activity: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe | Top Computer Science for Innovators & Makers Project

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Grade: Middle School

PLTW Course: Computer Science for Innovators and Makers

Submission type:  Activity: Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

Project overview: In the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Computer Science for Innovators and Makers course, middle school students learn about both hardware and software, and how to combine them to create interactive systems. Students use Micro:bits and the Microsoft Make Code environment to create programs using block code. In this physical programming project, students will work in teams to create a security device to alert users if one of three scenarios occurs:

  • A notebook of secrets is opened
  • A priceless object is removed from a locker, box, or safe
  • Someone enters a restricted area

The alerts can be sound only, light only, or both sound and light. Students could use Bluetooth to send messages between micro:bits.

Select student submission materials:

Link to full project: click here.

Select judge feedback: “Hi, I work for Verizon Systems Engineering group.  I have 25 years of industry experience in the field of software engineering.

It’s great to see you are starting very early and I congratulate you on your achievements.

I like your design and approach to solve the problem and documentation of the problem.
Also you have learned something new – Microsoft MakeCode which is a great to learn and exercise problem solving skills.

Your flow chart and micro:bit code looks good and I like the alarm it generates.

I wish you good luck!”

-Systems Engineer, Verizon Communications


“Hi, I am a Director at Verizon Communications responsible for directing an Information Technology team responsible for a new digital experience for our customer to purchase our services.

I thought it was very creative to use a design tool to create your design. I thought your code was well thought through. Finally, your photos of your end product demonstrated that your successful execution of your project.

I hope this project provided insight into how code can be created to solve real life challenges!”

-Digital Client Experience Director, Verizon Communications

Industry Award: Top Computer Science for Innovators & Makers Project

School: Leicester Middle School

Teacher: Adam Alesbrook

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