Article | Tessa Kielbasa, Samantha O'Connor and Photojournalist: Erik Rosario, Western Mass News

Springfield 1st graders present donations to Dakin Humane Society

Check out this article about 1st graders in Springfield collecting Dakin Humane Society donations during a class project!

By Tessa KielbasaSamantha O’Connor and Photojournalist: Erik Rosario

Western Mass News

Posted on November 21, 2022

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – First graders from Milton Bradley School in Springfield took a trip to the Dakin Humane Society on Monday.

Students presented donations that had been collected as part of a class assignment.

Teachers from the school said that the assignment was part of their project-based learning.

“We tied that into our social studies unit, which was community and being good citizens,” said first grade teacher Nicolette LaVoie. “So, we brainstormed and we thought what better way to help our community than help animals in need. It got them involved and got them engaged. They were really excited.”

As part of the project, students made videos for morning announcements, created flyers, and conducted an interview with Dakin to help collect donations.

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